How to review your performance with your Diary?

Diary helps you track the performance of realized assets, i.e. stock that has been bought-and-sold, or shorted-and-covered. It shows you the total gain and loss, and the success rate.

The same as in position management, you can check the History, write a Note, or check the Gain in Diary.

In History, the system shows the transactions for each stock.

In Note, the system uses green arrows to indicate buys and red arrows for sells in your K chart. You can tap the channel button to record if your transaction is based on a certain channel. You can also write down the reason for each transaction. It is highly recommended that you do so.  Just as suggested by Peter Lynch, write down the story of the company, write down the story of your investment.

In Gain, the gain is shown in comparison to price movement.

By now, we believe you will have a very clear picture of how to use channel trading, and our tool, Earning Channel, to improve your performance in stock investment.

Stock investment is not a zero-sum game; those who buy good stocks at good prices are all winners.

Earning Channel helps you to find good stocks and good prices.  Those who are more familiar with channel usage, and experienced with Earning Channel do have an edge over others. For instance, when there is a down channel, if you do not take advantage by shorting it, at least do not buy into a long position.

As an ordinary investor, do not try to outsmart the market, do not guess the bottom or the top, do not fall in love with a stock or try to get even with the stock. Following channels is safer and more profitable for ordinary investors like you and me.

However, there is always risk in stock market investment. Please stay objective, don’t try to become rich in one go, follow the position risk management mechanism.  Keep a note of your reasoning in the diary, write down the reasons for both winners and losers, as accurately as possible.

Practice, practice, practice, using Earning Channel.

Just as you would to learn how to play golf, tennis, or anything else.

Build up your confidence, but always remain humble.

Good luck in your investments and trading!

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