How does Channel Trading work?

  1. Basic method:
  • Spot the formation of a channel as early as possible, check its fundamentals and other criteria. Gradually build up a position as the channel forms.
  • Sell some stock when the price bounces off the resistance line.
  • Buy more stock when the price bounces back from the support line.
  1. When a channel changes shape:
  • Close out the position as soon as the channel changes direction, either from upwards to downwards, or from downwards to upwards.
  • If the direction remains unchanged, but the slope becomes steeper, buy or short more stock. When the slope becomes too steep, re-check the fundamentals; it may be a good time to take most of the profit.
  • If the direction remains changed, while the slope becomes flatter, buy or sell less. When the slope becomes too flat, re-check the fundamentals, you may want to downgrade the stock from fast grower to slow grower, or just replace it.
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