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Six-line staff for stock – listen to the rhythm of the stock market

         Earning Channel   Summary When you learn a musical instrument you learn the five-line staff. When you learn to invest in stock, the six-line staff can help you sync with the market pulse. The six-line staffs transform signaling-guidelines into actions with optimal timing. Act when there are rhythms that you like. […]

How to make stop-loss work? Part 2: The causes

         Earning Channel   After we wrote the first half of this article, we learned that Mr. Buffett had major changes in his portfolio. We’d like take this opportunity to urge MR. Buffet to do greater goods for the US. We will also discuss how ordinary investors could act on Apple and […]

How to make stop-loss work? Part 1: The mechanisms

         Earning Channel   “Let profits run and stop losses short” is a golden rule for successful stock investment.   When you fail to exercise stop-loss you may feel some kind of pain inside and you may question your willpower. If you fail often enough, you may suffer overwhelming losses and may […]

Don’t go shorting Tesla – at least not yet

           Earning Channel   We have reminded ordinary investors time and again, not to be a prophet, never short a stock just based on fundamental analysis. A stock may overshoot before it comes down. The overshoot may last for months, or even longer. Personal or professional assessment on fundamentals may not […]

How to deal with SPY

         Earning Channel   Mr. Buffett Suggested Average Americans to buy SPY. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/warren-buffett-apos-surprising-investing-011001359.html However, we urge ordinary investors to treat ETFs with respect, especially those already gained multiple-fold. You need to know what you are doing. In 3/27 there was a drop in SPY. The daily chart seemed to be forming a […]

The Shields of Long-Term Winners – Earnings and Channels

          Earning Channel   Earning Channel uses company earnings and price channels to screen out profitable targets and to determine the best timing to buy and sell, or short and cover.   Our intention has been trying to help ordinary investors. By ordinary investors, we mean ordinary people who would spend 2 […]

Can I buy Amazon? How about others?

         Earning Channel   On CNBC, one institute estimated that Amazon will reach $1,250. Can I go for it? Summary Referencing historical price movements of MSFT, INTC, CSCO, IBM, and WMT. The rewards are calculated in percentage, not in price. The high price itself is a risk. We do not recommend option […]

SPY: What to do now!

         Earning Channel   Summary The SPY has grown 358% since 2009. Its price is near the upper wall of the monthly channel. The SPY fell 2.7% last week. Its price touches the lower wall of the daily channel. How to trade now?   Please remember, our suggestions have been intended for […]

Tesla and some of its suppliers, can I buy their stocks?

         Earning Channel   Summary The competitiveness of Tesla. Tesla’s relationship with its suppliers. The challenges Taiwan suppliers face.   This article is intended for ordinary investors who invested or intend to invest in Tesla and its supply chain. A.The competitiveness of Tesla 1.The competitions in the car itself Avant-garde, high-end: The […]

Stocks that gained more than 20 folds!

         Earning Channel   Summary: 941 stocks/ETFs grew more than 5 folds since 2008. 121 more than 20 folds. Of the 121 22 have P/E < 0, which means they are not making money. 31 have P/E > 35, which means they are expensive. If you have these stocks, congratulations on your […]